Bilstein Stoßdämpfer B8 Sprint VA - Audi A4 8K / A5 B8 / A6 C7 / A7

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Bilstein B8 Sprint
Kürzerer Sport-Stoßdämpfer für Tieferlegungsfedern

  • Bilsteinnummer: 24-145985
  • Im BILSTEIN-Fahrversuch abgestimmt
  • Hohe Leistungsreserven
  • Keine TÜV-Eintragung notwendig
  • Gasdruck - Stoßdämpfer
  • Bilsteinnumber: 24-145985
  • BILSTEIN mono-tube - made in Germany
  • Road and track tested by BILSTEIN for fine tuning
  • Increased power reserves and service life
  • No German TÜV registration required
  • BILSTEIN gas pressure technology

  • Audi A4 (8K2, B8) inkl. quattro, Avant 11/07 - 12/15 (120PS/88kW bis 333PS/245kW)
  • Audi A5 (8T3, 8TA, 8F7) inkl. quattro, Cabrio & Sportback 06/07 - 12/15 (160PS/118kW bis 354PS/260kW)
  • Audi A6 (4G2, C7, 4GC) inkl. quattro & Avant 03/11 - (136PS/100kW bis 333PS/245kW)
  • Audi A7 (4GA, 4GF) inkl. quattro & Sportback 01/11 - (190PS/140kW bis 333PS/245kW)
  • Audi Q5 (8R) inkl. quattro & Sportback 01/11 - (136PS/100kW bis 354PS/260kW)
Der ideale Gasdruckdämpfer für optimale Bodenhaftung und erhöhte Spurstabilität im Alltag und in Extremsituationen. Er punktet mit höheren Leistungsreserven und höherer Lebensdauer - auch im Transporter- und Anhängerbetrieb oder bei häufigen Fahrten mit Beladung.

Der Bilstein B8 Sprint bringt ein spürbares Plus an Sicherheit und Sportlichkeit - auch ohne Federwechsel. Die speziell verkürzten Bilstein B8 Sprint Hochleistungsdämpfer stellen die notwendige Federvorspannung auch bei Tieferlegung- und Sportfedern sicher und unterstützen somit ein sportlich-dynamisches Fahrgefühl.

Over time, the mono-tube gas pressure technology developed by BILSTEIN has established itself as a standard in automotive construction. This technology involves keeping the oil in the absorber under pressure, which prevents it from foaming when temperatures and loads are increasing. As a result, full damping power is retained even when the system is placed under extreme stress, a feature that can be observed in the self-lowering piston. Ensures a high level of traction and more precise handling A must-have for powerful sport suspensions Added safety in all dynamic driving situations,

The original and best: The original mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers bore the BILSTEIN name, and we?re still responsible for producing the best there is. BILSTEIN?s mono-tube technology is the number-one choice in motorsports and series-production sports cars: no other type gives engineers the same freedom to choose the perfect installation location or position (e.g. Upside-Down technology). Large effective surface on the working piston creates increased damping power and better handling Improved dissipation of thermal energy outwards enables a consistently high level of absorber performance Sturdy structure for added safety in Upside-Down Technology.

The ideal gas absorber for optimum ground adhesion and increased tracking stability in everyday life and in extreme situations. It scores with higher power reserves and a longer service life - also in the transporter and trailer operation or during frequent trips with loading.

The Bilstein B8 Sprint brings a noticeable plus of safety and sportiness - even without spring change. However, it is The Bilstein B8 Sprint has a shorter shock absorber, which is ideal for sporty lowering springs.

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